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Rozwój działalności gospodarczej

Offer for business, organizations and institutions

We want both social and business organizations to pursue their management policies
and strategies of functioning, in the spirit of openness and equality, respecting the dignity of every working person, regardless of their gender identity, psychosexual orientation, origin or skin color. Therefore, we offer assistance to organizations in the implementation of equality strategies and policies in the organization. We have knowledge in the field of HR and gender studies, and we also cooperate with people who implement equality models in organizations. So we are competent to help in this regard.

We offer sociological research in the form of, for example, a questionnaire, verifying the sense of equality among people working in organizations.
We also offer training and equality workshops for working people and management. we cooperate
with experienced researchers and researchers, as well as trainers
and trainers,
with extensive knowledge and high competences.

We are also open to cooperation with other organizations and institutions,
who are interested in spreading the idea of equality in their structures.

The Foundation carries out statutory activities against payment. Financial resources received
by the Foundation, in connection with the implementation of the project, are entirely intended for statutory activities. 

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