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National Scientific Conference (ON-LINE)

Empowerment in contemporary feminist theories

02/24/2022 - 02/25/2022

Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

Scientific Committee:
Dr hab. Aleksandra Derra, prof. UMK - Chairperson
Prof. dr hab. Ewa Bińczyk
Dr hab. Tomasz Dobrogoszcz, prof. UŁ
Dr. Agata Handley

Organizing committee:
Dr hab. Katarzyna Więckowska, prof. UMK - Chairperson
Michał Bomastyk, MSc - Scientific secretary
lic. Paulina Szczepaniak


About the conference

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During the conference, we will talk about the agency of what is feminine from the perspective of history and the present day. We want to ask if empowerment in Poland has already been completed, or is there still a long way to go to enable women to be free, responsible and efficiently self-determination? What position on this can be found in contemporary feminist theories? What is empowerment really? Is it just empowerment or is it more than that? We want to capture both the scientific and research perspective as well as the activist perspective, because feminism binds (for sure?) These two orders. 


Conference programme

We encourage you to read the conference program HERE .

Please be advised that the conference will take place on the Microsoft Teams platform and is open to all people who want to participate passively in it, that is, listen to the people presenting the papers.


For this purpose, we provide links to the conference proceedings:


Day one (02/24/2022)

Second day (02/25/2022)

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We encourage you to participate in a joint debate during the conference proceedings 
and to present papers during our event.  

We are waiting for your papers until February 13, 2022 . Please send your abstracts to . The conference fee is PLN 70 .

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