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Research and development services

Scientific conferences

Both the Management Board and the Foundation Council are made up of people related to the academic community, working in the field of equality, otherness, alienation and exclusion in research and development. Accordingly, based on  on the basis of our knowledge and experience, we organize national and international scientific conferences, cooperating with universities, colleges and academic centers  in Poland and abroad.  


The scientific conferences we organize are devoted to the issues of equality and exclusion in various areas as well as otherness and alienness from the perspective of many scientific disciplines. Disciplines close to us:

  • Philosophy;

  • Sociology;

  • Literary studies;

  • Feminist studies;

  • Gender studies;

  • Studies on strangeness and otherness;

  • Interdisciplinary analysis of cultural texts;

  • Studies on discourse;

  • Refugee studies;

  • Animal Studies.

We invite all people involved in research in the above-mentioned areas to contact us,

wishing to organize a scientific conference. As a Foundation, we are willing to take on the role of a co-organizer of the event

and we will prepare them in an inclusive spirit, with research commitment and with full professionalism.  

Our service is comprehensive

and applies to organizational, administrative, promotional and conference support activities.  

Conferences can be held both in a traditional form and on-line.  

We also specialize in organizing a conference on social and activist issues.

The Foundation carries out statutory activities against payment. Funds received by the Foundation in relation to

with the implementation of the conference project are entirely intended for statutory activities. 

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