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Foundation's social activities

Collection "In class without exclusions"

We organize  collection of reading material, books, studies, utensils, backpacks, equipment (e.g. electronic and computer equipment) and school supplies for learners at risk of educational exclusion.

Remember that we also care about articles intended for people studying in secondary education institutions.

The collection will be organized between 27/09/2021 - 10/10/2021 , in the city of Toruń.

Meeting place:
ARTSHOP | Toruń, ul. Mostowa 6 (PERS Social Cafe)
Monday-Saturday, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Pub Spółdzielczy Toruń | Toruń, ul. Rynek Staromiejski 24

Private Primary School Modern Academy | Toruń, ul. Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie 67 (only for people studying and working at school)

Managerial Technical School | Toruń, ul. Rejtana 2

  The collected articles will be forwarded to:

  • learners at risk of educational exclusion;

  • The Center for Foreigners in the Group;

  • educational institutions in the city of Toruń;

  • people in need of support.

The project "Your Voice has POWER!"

As a Foundation, we participate in the local advocacy program "Twój Głos ma MOC!". By participating in the project, we acquire tools that will allow us to act effectively locally and carry out advocacy.


The project is funded by the Active Citizens - National Fund program, financed by the EEA Grants. 
Project implemented in cooperation with Amnesty International Norway.

Mothers to the Border. The children's place is not in the woods!

As a Foundation, we became involved in the campaign for refugees staying on the Polish-Belarusian border. Acting as co-organizers of the action "Mothers to the Border. The place of children is not in the forest!" we organized a collection of clothes and articles for people in the migration crisis. The response from people living in Toruń was amazing! We collected a lot of gifts, which we brought to Michałów on October 23, 2021. We would like to thank all those who got involved in the fundraiser.

We also became involved in the matter of refugees detained near Lubicz near Toruń, who were placed in a school in Gronów. We were present on the spot and reported on the course of events. We cooperated with other activist organizations from Toruń. We also co-organized a press briefing (see HERE ), during which we issued a statement.  

Not! For the prohibition of the Equality Marches

On October 27, 2021 there was a protest "No! For the ban on Equality Marches", which we co-organized as a Foundation with other activist organizations from Toruń. We do not agree to reduce non-heteronormative people to an ideology that should be fought and removed from the public space. We issued a statement during the protest. The content of the statement is available  HERE .



mercy - night solidarity action with refugees

Thank you for your presence during the night-time solidarity action with refugees, which we eloquently called #grace . The right to asylum is a human right! Mercy for the giver! We publish the e-mail that we have received describing the tragic situation at the border:

Death at the border

Another victim of the "new" European refugee policy

On October 29, near the Belarusian-Polish border, the Belarusian Border Guard discovered a group of refugees from Syria and Iraq with the body of a man of non-Slavic appearance lying on the ground. The nature of the traces left on the control strip indicated that the body was transferred from Poland to Belarus.

According to the refugees, they were in Poland when the tragedy happened. One of the men, an Iraqi national, had diabetes and needed insulin. However, the Polish law enforcement officers who detained the foreigners not only ignored their requests for medical help, but were also beaten up for intimidation. At the same time, the woman was distinguished by special cruelty. As the foreigners explained, when the sick man died, armed men in uniform forcibly transported all the refugees to the border, cut the barbed wire barrier established on the Polish side and forced them to move the body to Belarus under the threat of a physical massacre.

Also, Polish officers without an agreement detained and forcibly displaced with a group of refugees two foreigners with documents issued by the competent German authorities who had tried to help people who found themselves in a difficult situation.

An investigative and operational group was called in to establish the circumstances and causes of the death of an Iraqi citizen.

This is not the first such tragedy at the border, which was the result of the extremely brutal treatment of refugees by representatives of law enforcement agencies of individual EU countries.


Together with people representing Toruń's non-governmental organizations, we sent to the Marshal's Office of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship, the Wilam Horzyca in Toruń, Jordanki Cultural and Congress Center appeal (content available HERE )   for joining the campaign “Mothers to the Border. A place for children is not in the forest ”, which our foundation is co-organizing. In our appeal, we asked institutions to show solidarity with refugees wandering in the forests on the Polish-Belarusian border and to illuminate the buildings in green.

The Marshal's Office responded positively to our appeal and on Saturday, November 13, 2021, on the opening day of the Camerimage Festival, it will turn green. This symbolic gesture is a clear sign that there is no approval of the senseless suffering of people and violations of human rights. Thank you for your commitment! We are built by your attitude.

We still await responses from other institutions.

We would like to thank the organizations that signed the appeal for joint activities: Emic Foundation, Amnesty International Toruń, Toruń Feminist Brigade,  Foundation Not Only Polish Mother, Toruń Women's Strike. Thanks for being there!

An appeal to join the fundraiser

refugee people

We have issued a letter (content available HERE ) to Decathlon Polska  with an appeal to join the collection of aid packages for refugees organized by us. We are waiting for answer. We hope it will be positive and we will be able to complete more packages! We would like to thank the organizations that work with us: the Emic Foundation, the VERDA Foundation, Amnesty International Toruń, the Toruń Feminist Brigade, the Not Only Polish Mother Foundation.

The incubation process under the Sektor 3.0 Fund.

Fantastic news! Our foundation qualified for the incubation of the project in the Sektor 3.0 Fund. The project we want to implement is a mobile application and website for women experiencing violence. Keep your fingers crossed for us! The partners in our project are the Pink Box , Not Only Polish Mother Foundation , Dobry Start Association . We are starting intensive work tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for us, because this is an extremely important and necessary project!



Your Messiah dies in the forest

On 12/12/2021 we co-organized a demonstration Your Messiah Dies in the Forest , during which we once again expressed our opposition to condemning refugees to death in the forests. We must remind you not to forget and not fall into indifference. Nobody deserves to be (human) garbage to be decomposed in the cold forest.

Below, strongly believe "Who do condemn you to death in the forest" , written and read during the demonstration by Anna Magalska, a member of our foundation team:


Who are condemning them to death in the woods

Between the third and fourth dumplings

Between hot borscht and cabbage

Between the wafer and the wish

Bite from Christmas Eve carp

Let it stand in your throat


The cold eyes of the jelly fish will look at you

You will not forget those looks

Who are condemning them to death in the woods

Cry over the empty plate on the table

Sing God is born

Under the snow-covered tree, the family will mourn a child, mother, brother who died of a cold

Christmas tree, witness,

those who condemn them to death

remind you every night in nightmares

about the suffering of lonely eyes in which hope is fading away

and life

The star of Bethlehem

take them away

Behindden man is not illegal

Last Saturday (11/12/2021) we also had the opportunity to co-organize a demonstration NO PERSON IS ILLEGAL! during which opposition was expressed to illegal deportations and dehumanization of refugees freezing in forests. We would like to thank the organizers of the event for inviting them to this important action. It means a lot to us. We recommend each other, of course, for the future! Unfortunately, due to our obligations in the Sektor 3.0 Fund, we were / were not able to appear in Warsaw. However, we are glad that our words were read during the protest. Remember: Silence breeds indifference . Silence breeds hostility . Silence breeds violence . Silence breeds death . Do not be silent and do not be indifferent.

The content of our speech is available HERE .

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