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Meeting in Toruń

What happened in Toruń

During the April meeting in Torun, participants had the opportunity to educate themselves and increase their awareness of the experiences of non-heteronormative persons and refugees in modern Europe. During the 5-day training, young people from Bulgaria, Germany and Poland had the opportunity to integrate
and exchange experiences and knowledge about non-heteronormativity and refugees in their countries.
There were also workshops dedicated to stereotypes, hate speech, inclusive language, and preventing exclusion in everyday life. Another interesting and valuable element of the meeting were study visits to Równik, Emic and Toruński Sztab Pomocy Ukrainie during which the participants deepened their perspective on non-heteronormative persons and refugees. On the last day of the project, the youth participating in the project created graphics titled “Brave & Proud” and received Youthpass certificates confirming participation in the project and achieved objectives.

Presentation "Being LGBTQAI+ in Bulgaria - deeper insight" (not available)


If you want to know what Philipp Bautz of Social Science Works thinks about the meeting in Toruń, click here.

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