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International Scientific Conference

Discourses of Exclusion:
Theories and Practices


Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

Lab for Exclusion and Alienation Research (LEAR)

Institute of Literary Studies NCU

The University Center of Excellence “IMSErt –

Interacting Minds, Societies, Environments”

Deputy Rector for Equality 

AVANT Project 

Institute for Prevention of Exclusions

Organising Committee:

Anna Kola   

Katarzyna Więckowska   

Aleksandra Derra 

Anna Branach-Kallas  

Michał Bomastyk   

Witold Wachowski 

Tomasz Markiewka  

Natalia Jaworańska   

Jakub Wojtasik  

Ewa Falkowska 


Discourses of Exclusion Theories and Practices 22.06.2023-25.06.2023 Toruń, Poland-2.png

About conference

The conference examines the discourses of exclusion in contemporary sciences and societies. By adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, we wish to explore various forms and spaces of exclusion and the practices through which some subjects are alienated, dehumanised and objectified, situated outside culture and society. We are interested in exploring real-life contexts and experiences and scientific projects and theories – schemes, normative systems and relations that produce such exclusionary discourses. We wish to focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of exclusion as these are the elements that (co)create discourse.     


We do not wish to limit the range of possible topics but invite intersectional proposals from the fields of philosophy, sociology, literary and cultural studies, women’s studies, gender studies, studies of monstrosity, otherness and exclusion, interdisciplinary analysis of cultural texts and practices, discourse analysis, refugee studies, border studies, animal studies, science and technology studies, and environmental humanities. Both regular papers and posters are welcome; the posters are to be accompanied by a short presentation of the work, followed by a discussion. We plan to organise workshops, roundtable discussions, poster sessions and meetings with activists and artists. 


Keynote speakers: TBA 


The conference is planned as an onsite event, with the option of online participation in exceptional cases. We will provide child care during the conference if there is enough interest.  

The conference proceedings will be published in a special issue of Avant, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal. For more information about the journal, please visit The paper should be sent to the conference organisers by 30 June 2023.

More information:


Abstracts of 150-200, containing the title of the paper or poster and the author’s name and affiliation, accompanied by a short biographical note, should be sent to the following address:   


Abstracts submission deadline: 1 May 

Notification of acceptance: 15 May 

Conference fee:

150 EUR (400 PLN) for academics

100 EUR (150 PLN) for master students and PhD candidates


The conference fee includes publication costs, keynote lectures, workshops, coffee breaks, and a conference dinner for onsite participants.

Discourses of Exclusion Theories and Practices 22.06.2023-25.06.2023 Toruń, Poland-2.png
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