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Helpline for men

A safe space for you!

The Institute for Prevention of Exclusion runs the first helpline for men in Poland. If you need psychological help/advice and are looking for a safe space to talk about your life, male affairs or difficulties, this phone is for you. The psychologist's duty hours are on Thursdays, from 19:00 to 21:00.

If you have concerns about making a phone call, or if the queue is too long, you can email our e-mail address: and make contact in this way. We are also working on a website dedicated to men: www.pomesku.orgRemember: #AskingForHelpIsManly.



Sebastian Antonowicz - He has completed nearly a thousand hours of work in the Psychological Association offering support for people with mental disorders.

It promotes the knowledge that people can build a conscious approach and attitudes towards the mechanisms of anxiety and personality disorders

and other emotional problems. It runs an online psychoeducational activity for adults that promotes empowerment and an active attitude of the client in maintaining mental health.

He is a coach, and trainer of interpersonal skills and teaches adults English online after hours.

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